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Freedom Banshee


Freedom Chia

Banshee, third of the Freedom Prints

Every year about this time, we begin to once again ponder the meaning of FREEDOM. What does it stand for? Have I, you, our nation lost most of our freedoms as so many believe today?

This captivating piece features Banshee, with his before and after shots, a purebred black lab who spent the first six years of his life on a chain. Banshee has a very high need for action and a job, and he must have been driven crazy on the end of that chain with nary a ball or toy in sight.

He proved to be such a challenging foster, he was the final prompt for me to write a book on fostering America's homeless dogs with an eye toward helping the people who are helping the dogs, appropriately entitled Foster Doggie Insanity.

Banshee made me crazy at first, but we eventually came to an understanding. It took me awhile to fall in love with Banshee, but I finally did, and spend a lot of time taking him swimming and trying to meet his needs for a job. Banshee passed away after spending only two years with me, but he knew freedom. Watch video of Banshee's Last Fetch here.

Here's to your Freedom, Banshee!

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