Speaking to the Heart of Animal Activists and the Animals we Serve

Speaking Engagements

Tamira Thayne is available for speaking engagements on a wide range of topics in the fields of activism, crisis management, online defamation and bullying, and spiritual awakening and growth, in addition to animal rights and more specifically anti-tethering.

Tamira holds the following degrees and certifications:

Associate Level, Linguistics: Community College of the Air Force
Bachelor Level, Visual Arts: University of Maryland
Bachelor Level, Naturology: American Institute of Holistic Theology
Master Level, Naturology: American Institute of Holistic Theology
Doctorate Level, Naturology: American Institute of Holistic Theology

Reiki II, Results practitioner certified
Ordained Interfaith Minister through World Alliance of Interfaith Clergy and from The Order of Universal Interfaith

Tamira is especially interested in the struggle of activists in a world where law is seen as black and white and activists often end up arrested or imprisoned for making decisions that are morally compelling and humanely necessary.

How do activists cope with the fallout? How do they stay or become strong in the face of bullying and defamation both online and by authorities seeking to break them and maintain status quo?

How can activist communities pull together to support one another so we as activists don't fall, but continue to push forward and gain rights for social groups that have none?

How can we encourage and enlist armchair activists to take a more active role in the issues of today? How do we avoid burnout and succeed despite so many obstacles?

Speaking Engagements can be tailored to your needs. Sample topics are as follows:

• Five Coping Strategies for Front-Line Activists
• Seven Steps to Beating Online Bullies
• Ten Ways to Seek, Find, and Start your Life's Mission
• What is Tethering You to a Life of Regrets? Four Tried and True Methods to Release the Chains that Bind

Tamira speaking at the Animal Rights Conference in 2008