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Went to the Dogs

Authographed Copies
It Went to the Dogs: How Michael Vick's Dogfighting Compound Became a Haven for Rescue Pups

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A dog activist buys Michael Vick’s dogfighting compound.
What could possibly go wrong? As it turns out…everything.


The house sat empty, an eerie white sentinel against the flat winter landscape, now guarding only whispers of the past. A six-foot white metal fence with coded entry gate lined the country road, abandoning its purpose at the property line and allowing passage to all with the temerity and curiosity to walk around.

The bullet hole in the front window went unnoticed.


Tamira Thayne was alone, parked across the street, and early for her appointment with the Hampton Roads, Virginia realtor. Today was the day she’d tour Michael Vick’s former dogfighting compound, something she’d never imagined nor particularly wanted to do.

It seemed pretty creepy, truth be told.

Tamira felt the whispers surround her, reaching out. The rescuer in her wanted to rescue the ghosts, too; embrace the broken dogs who lay undiscovered and probably buried on the property, assure them they weren’t forgotten. She shuddered, pulling herself together.


The decision Tamira would make that fateful day in February 2011 would lead not only to a home for her nonprofit’s rescue dogs, but also to the most turbulent four years of her life: she faced down allegations of racism, community harassment, poisoning, and, ultimately, false charges aimed at driving her and Dogs Deserve Better from the county.

There was a reason Michael Vick felt he could get away with dogfighting in Surry County, Virginia—and why he got away with it for as long as he did…

Includes over 200 b/w photos and documents!

Paperback ISBN: 978-1-946044-67-9

About the Author

Tamira Thayne pioneered the anti-tethering movement in America, forming and leading the nonprofit Dogs Deserve Better for 13 years.

During her time on the front lines of animal activism and rescue she took on plenty of bad guys (often failing miserably); her swan song culminated in the purchase and transformation of Michael Vick’s dogfighting compound to a chained-dog rescue and rehabilitation center. She’s spent 878 hours chained to a doghouse on behalf of the voiceless in front of state capitol buildings nationwide.

Tamira is the author of the Chained Gods series, the Animal Protectors Series, Foster Doggie Insanity, and Capitol in Chains. She’s the editor of More Rescue Smiles, and the co-editor of Unchain My Heart and Rescue Smiles.

In 2016 she founded Who Chains You, publishing books by and for animal activists and rescuers.

Tamira is an Air Force veteran who lives by a river in the woods of northern Virginia, with her husband, daughter, one dog, six cats, and hundreds of outside birds and critters she adores from afar.

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On the far side of the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State, halfway between the mountains and the ocean, stands the little town of Forks. In that town, in a quiet neighborhood of modest homes and shabby businesses, there remains a dilapidated pink warehouse.

Packed inside that warehouse, living in deplorable conditions, were once over 120 dogs. Some of the dogs were kept in crates piled high on shelves, arranged in rows along the walls, and shoved into corners behind heaps of garbage and urine-saturated straw. Some of the dogs were confined to wire-sided or glassed-in kennels. One was kept in an old horse trailer. Dead ones were stored in a cooler.

In one of the crates was a black dog named Daisy. This is her story.

It is also the story of the rescue of one hundred and twenty-four dogs—and one snake—from the Olympic Animal Sanctuary, the only large-scale dog rescue in the U.S. to be carried out with no support from local government. The OAS rescue was an epic narrative that extended over several years and featured small town politics, protests, assault, lawsuits, arrests, and a midnight escape, all played out to a nationwide audience.

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Also from Tamira Thayne
The Chained Gods Series

The King's Tether

The King's Tether: A Chained Gods Prequel Story

By Tamira Thayne

Discover the roots of the Chained Gods Series in this 6,000 word prequel story to the paranormal world of 17-year-old Baylee and her crew.

In a rare moment of inactivity, the dog rested his head on his front paws. The thick logging chain weighed heavily across his body as he pulled his back legs from beneath the oppressive steel. His eyelids drooped, and even though his feral mind urged him to remain vigilant, told him he was in constant danger, sleep had its way with him anyway.

With sleep came relief.

In the waking state his mind knew only bloodlust and revenge, his body hunger and thirst, and his heart pain and sorrow. In slumber his consciousness freed itself from its bonds, and he revisited an immortal life once known—only to lose the beloved memories upon reawakening.

The ultimate cruelty.

He dreamt of a woman. It couldn’t be just any woman; according to the Prophetess, he would know her when he saw her. His brain, his heart, his mind—they all called out for her, whispering of bonds and mating rituals and a shared future that was theirs and theirs alone.

A kick to the ribs lurched him from the dream, and the woman slipped away from him, again...

Grab The King’s Tether to read more and start your Chained Gods Series adventure today!

[This story is part of The Chained Gods Series, and can be read as a stand alone, or either before or after The Wrath of Dog, below.]

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The Wrath of Dog

The Wrath of Dog: The Chained Gods Series Book 1

By Tamira Thayne

The hairy beast growled and lunged at Baylee, his rusted logging chain straining to break—like it did every morning she cut down his back alley.

She hadn’t dubbed him “The Wrath of Dog” for nothin’.

She’s vowed that someday she’ll free Wrath and they’ll rise up and smite his obviously nasty owner. For today, though, she just needs to get past him without dying and make it the two blocks to class before the bell rings and she has another detention headed her way.

Wrath’s plight is soon forgotten when her refusal to dissect a kitty earns her another trip to Principal Baird’s office. Things go from bad to worse, and before long she’s hearing voices in her head, decamping the school premises with a band of zombie cats, and learning that The Wrath of Dog is a lot more than she bargained for.

Next thing she knows she’s avoiding her best friend, learning she’s not quite human, and taking on an unseen enemy to save the day, her family, and just maybe two worlds in the process.

Becoming an adult sure isn’t what she thought it would be…

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The Knight's Chain

The Knight's Chain: A Chained Gods Series Story, Vol 1.5

Written by Tamira Thayne

The Akita was massive, a fine example of the breed—with the single exception of his current physical state: skeletal, matted, and attached to a cement post by a thick logging chain. He refused to let those things bother him, however; they were mere nuisances, after all.

What mattered most to him was that any of his captors—the men in black—who crossed his path would die.

Simple as that.

His mind may have been jumbled, with memories of the past escaping him—but he knew one thing for sure: he was more than this beast on a chain.

Knew he was born for greater things, knew he mattered somewhere; if only he could get back to wherever, whatever, whenever that was.

For now, he would wait…

The Knight’s Chain, a short story, precedes The Curse of Cur (forthcoming), and can be read before Book 2 of The Chained Gods Series or after to flesh out the character of the Knight.

The Curse of Cur

The Curse of Cur: The Chained Gods Series Book 2

By Tamira Thayne

An animal activist teenager continues her quest to save two dimensions in this sequel to The Wrath of Dog

Baylee jumped out of bed, momentarily forgetting about her father slumbering in the chair next to her. Her heart gave a tug at his presence, but this was no time for sentimentality.

She couldn’t afford to be sidetracked from her vision—the vision that told her they needed to get to New York City, and fast.

Because she knew where the Akita they’d seen on screen yesterday, her father’s second in command, was chained…

And her mother was not gonna be happy about it.

Baylee had been instrumental in freeing her father, the king of Perrin, mere days ago from his own 18-year captivity as a chained German shepherd. Now it was time for Baylee, her father, and Perrin’s remaining top generals to buck up. It was her mission, their collective mission, to find the chained warriors, unearth the remaining four keys, and rescue both Perrin and Earth from the grip of Phoebus, The Scion, and their legion of minions.

Easy peasy.

Baylee leaned heavily against the bathroom wall, toothbrush hanging from her mouth. Oh, who was she kidding.

The future looked daunting, indeed.

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Happy Dog! Coloring Book

Happy Dog!
Coloring Book

By Tamira Thayne
Illustrated by April Pedersen

Buy in Paperback

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Capitol in Chains: 54 Days of the Doghouse Blues

By Tamira Thayne

Capitol in Chains

Buy on Amazon | Buy on Kindle

In August 2010, one woman carried a doghouse to the steps of the Pennsylvania State Capitol building and chained herself to it, seeking passage of a law protecting dogs from life at the end of a chain.

Not knowing if she’d be arrested, ignored, or ridiculed, she set aside her fears and acted on behalf of the voiceless: dogs—the most social of beings—whose needs have been overlooked by those with the power to create chain-ge for their future.

This is her story, and the story of the 54 days she and others spent chained at the bottom of the Capitol steps in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. May you be inspired, entertained, and educated about the needs of Man’s Best Friend, and how these needs continue to be negated in today’s society.

Second Edition. Includes Legislative updates, plus an 11-year History of Chain Off and the Doghouse Wedding.

Want a signed copy direct from the author?

$13.97 + $3.00 Shipping, U.S. Only. Order below.